Banana Pudding

Nutrigen Fiber Puddings and Pie Fillings are fiber based, vitamin and mineral enriched, very low calorie and yummy puddings and pie fillings that is so easy to prepare. You can substitute Nutrigen Nutrifood Puddings instead of empty calorie regular puddings and protect your kids against obesity.

Instant, no cook easy to prepare fiber puddings. Pour the entire content of the bag into a dry and medium sized bowl and add two and half (2 1/2) glass of cold water (app. 450 mL) and beat with an electric mixer for about 3 minutes until a homogenous puddings is formed, than transfer into dessert dishes and refrigerate until ready to serve. Make a very easy and delicious dessert dishes with high fiber, micronutrient rich Nitrugen Banana Flavoured Instant Puddings and Pie Filling Powder

High Fiber Content: Each serving of Nutrigen NutriFood Puddings contains 5 grams of dietary fiber wihch is good for overall health. High dietary fiber intake, regular physical activity and low energy dense foods protect against over weight and weight gain. Switch from consuming “empty calorie foods” to “nutrient-dense foods” to build and maintain good health.

Nutrient Dense: Some specific micronutrients are depleted in overweight children a paradox termed as “hidden hunger”. Nutrigen Fiber Puddings are enriched with vitamins and minerals to supply the missing micronutrients that are common to overweight children.

Very Low Calorie: Empty calories which means high calories with low level of micro nutrients are one of the serious causes of childhood obesity. Nutrigen NutriFoods Puddings are very low calorie that helps you to protect kids against empty calories.

Yummy: One of the main problem to switch junky foods with healthy foods is taste. Kids mostly refuse to consume healthy choices because of undesirable tastes. Nutrigen NutriFoods Puddings are unexpectedly yummy which the kids never resist.