Iron is an essential mineral for healthy growth and development. Well iron supplied children may have normal mental development. Toddlers are more prone to iron deficiency as they consume milk and iron poor foods. Lipid encapsulation of the iron prevents its interaction with food and masks its taste, so leads to no change to the taste, colour or texture of the foods to which Nutrigen Ferromixin Sprinkles are added. Just pour, mix and serve.

Tear open top of the sachet. Pour the entire contents of the sachet into any semi-solid food after it has been cooked and is at a temperature acceptable to eat. Mix Nutrigen Ferromixin Sprinkles sachet with an amount of food that the child can consume at a single meal. Mix the food well after you have added sachet. Give no more than one sachet per day. Do not share or divide the food to which Nutrigen Ferromixin Sprinkles sachet were added since the amount of vitamins and minerals in a single sachet is just the right amount for one child. The food mixed with Nutrigen Ferromixin Sprinkles sachet should be eaten within 30 minutes, because the vitamins and minerals in the sprinkles will cause the food to noticeably darken.
Now, you can fortify your children’s food at home by adding Nutrigen Ferromixin Sprinkles onto the foods they love. You no longer need to be anxious that they will lack the vitamins and minerals they need when eating their favourite foods.

The most widespread nutritional problem in the world, impairing normal mental development of infants, is iron deficiency. Iron deficiency causes anemia that is major public health problem for infants after 6 months of age. Also, iron deficiency can affect a child’s growth and may lead to learning and behavioral problems.

Nutrigen Ferromixin Sprinkles sachet enables you to fortify the food that your kids love and makes you confident when your kids eating the food they love.

Nutrigen Ferromixin Sprinkles sachet which enables to fortify many different home made semi-solid foods, is a nutritional iron supplement that will help you to serve iron rich foods to your cihldren every day.

One sachet per day.

12.5 mg elemental iron in a sachet of Nutrigen Ferromixin Sprinkles is the daily dosage recommended by World Health Organization for children 6 – 24 months of age.