Vanilla Smoothie

Nutrigen Vanilla Smoothie contains is high fiber, protein rich and nutrient dense. Moreover it contains 18 amino acids but no added sugar. Personalize your children’s smoothie by adding their favorite fruits into the blender to boost the taste. Nutrigen Vanilla Smoothie is fresh and delicious.

Into a smoothie blender add in order 1 scoop (20g) of Nutrigen smoothie powder, 5 cubes of ice, any fresh or frozen seasonal or local fruits to boost taste and a glass of cold water to boost taste and a glass of cold water. Start to blend with low speed and increase the speed as high as gradually for about 2 minutes. Pour into a glass and drink immediately. If you do not want to serve too cold smoothie to your children, skip ice cubes. Do not serve children below 1 year of age. Do not exceed the stated amount. Fiber works best with plenty of water. To begin with teaspoonful daily improves adaptation, then increase the quantity to the stated amount gradually.

High dietary fiber intake, regular physical activity and low energy-dense foods protect against overweight and weight gain. Switch from consuming “empty calorie foods” to “nutrient-dense foods” to build and maintain good health.

Some specific micronutrients are depleted in overweight children a paradox termed as “hidden hunger”. The vitamins and minerals is added in the product to supply the missing micronutrients that are common to overweight children.